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We network with all the top payroll service providers, local and national payroll service companies. We're here to help you get the best payroll service, at your lowest payroll service cost! Start here...

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Fill out one simple form to get multiple price quotes from top payroll service companies. Our questions are designed to connect you with the right payroll service vendors. We will quickly connect you with the top 3-4 payroll service companies in our paroll services network, provide you with payroll service company addresses, phone numbers, websites and more. However, our payroll service companies will quickly contact you. Our service is 100% free! There are no obligations what-so-ever to make a purchase or to do business with any payroll service company in our network.

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Payroll Service Benefits

A payroll service company will independently handle all of your payroll functions. Complex and frequently modified tax codes and complicated employee benefits have raised the demand for skilled payroll help. You simply provide the payroll service company with a list of all employees, the hours worked along with any variances. Your payroll information is then processed and payroll funds are transferred from your bank to your payroll services provider for disbursement. Employees are paid either by printed payroll checks or payroll direct deposit. All your payroll tax filings are made and your company is provided with all necessary payroll and tax reports. A reputable payroll service will assume any penalties for their processing errors, should they occur. Outsourced payroll processing is estimated to cut average payroll process costs by 15 to 20 percent.

Your company may not have the time or resources to keep up with payroll regulations, payroll forms, payroll reports, issuing W2s, State unemployment tax rates, Federal unemployment taxes, Federal payroll withholding rates, state payroll tax rates, pretax medical withholding, post-tax medical withholding, contributions to HSA accounts, union dues deductions, deductions for retirement accounts, term life insurance and disability plans, payroll garnishments, distributing and or printing payroll checks. Businesses that have made the switch to certified payroll services, report a clear return on investment.